Posted by: youareuseless | September 22, 2012


After your shin, a perfect line, sharp

and coarse, the unctuous sheets

slide. A sparrow slides, in hand.

Stab my hand, sparrow.

Keep the sleek bird.

I only want the beak.



  1. I am so glad you are back writing and posting. Welcome. I hope your absence was productive and worthwhile.
    Your poetry, as it was, is so good. You have not lost your touch.

    • You’re too kind, as always. I hope you’re doing well.

      • We are doing well. We have moved to a new house to be nearer my wife’s church. And I am employed again – both good and bad I suppose but we need some income. And my poetry muse is in a coma, apparently. I am waiting for some sign of consciousness between all the feeding tubes, but no stir so far.
        The last I remember you had relocated to a new state and new job and I hope that is going well for you too.

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