Posted by: youareuseless | August 16, 2010

Carl or Kyle

His fear lives in a corner. The best fear on the block! He orders its food on the Internet. It eats raw bull. It never sits. It opens and closes its little gray hands. It opens and closes its mouth. Little girl, I know things that would blow your mind

Now that his apartment burns his fear hides under the bull-stained floorboards. He is outside and doesn’t hide. His eyes are as bright as a giant’s eyes. I know God wants me to live, and I don’t question God. 

He is as tall as a giant. His fear unties his shoelace. Poor thing, it just wants attention. He cradles it in his shaking hands. The Bible was written for me, not you. You’re a nice young lady, but I don’t question God.


Copyright Megan Kennedy 2010



  1. This is really well done. I hope this is a fictional character. Very, very good.

  2. Thanks Carroll. It’s based on someone I talked to on a plane once.

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