Posted by: youareuseless | July 17, 2010


Writing prompt for Writer’s Island, found at Theme: Reunion.

Her old mouth contracts. She won’t talk about her son.
A man who let me drink coffee once is now
Not quite, gone.
He smiles, trying, though he knows it’s grotesque.
Two plump yellow eyes in his tiny head.

Count your blessings, little girl, count your blessings.

He’s not bred well, she laughs. She laughs!
He’s surprised when I ask what his favorite is.
Watch my drink, I ask, and he runs
Skinny dirty legs in the dappled grass.

The man in the weathered hat said, you could just
Ladle it out! You could just ladle it out!

Copyright Megan Kennedy 2010



  1. ladle it out,
    what a shout out…

    gentle lines,
    enjoyed reading it!

  2. I am fascinated by this one. Reading and rereading the lines, many of which draw fine lined images in my head by association. And although the structure suggests something simple, even open and breezey, it is a box waiting to burst its seams. Fantastic.


  3. Thank you, Elizabeth! I think the phrase “a box waiting to burst its seams” could describe most family reunions, or even most families.

  4. I love skinny dirty legs in the dappled grass. I had to read this several times, and want to read it again. It’s oddness draws me in. Well done!

  5. Thanks Brenda!

  6. Great piece of writing!

    “He smiles, trying, though he knows it’s grotesque.” is a superb and powerful image/line. For a short piece it really delivers a wallop and has so many ideas, emotions that aren’t visible but that you can feel, like a body lying under sheets that you can’t see but you know is there.

    • Thank you! You should use that image of the body in the sheets.

  7. lots going on here…..loved it….and thanks for sharing…..nice hat too

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