Posted by: youareuseless | July 5, 2010


In a corner, a small room
In someone else’s house, I stood
In front of you. You grasped my hand
And laughed, as if to say What is this space
Between your body
And my body? And why is it here?

I kissed your mouth, tilting my head
Up, like a cat. Your eyes hardened. Your body
tense against the wall. I can’t, you almost said.
I only imagine. My body is as clean and dark
As the sand at the bottom of the ocean.

Copyright Megan Kennedy 2010



  1. thank you for your comment on my blog. sonnets are extremely restrictive to write while maintaining originality. I prefer free verse like you have here but that’s even harder in some ways. btw since we’re both poets wanna add eachother’s pages on our blogrolls?

  2. Sure, Joe. Done and done. 🙂

  3. awesome! I’ll add you too. Lemme know when you write a sonnet!

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