Posted by: youareuseless | June 29, 2010


This one, and the last one, are loosely based on dreams I’ve had.

A blue ribbon, or purple? Do you want to go swimming?

You can never be good, I say to the man
grasping a bicycle. He wants
to give me a present. Never. He laughs, breaks in two
and crawls into the freezer.

Copyright Megan Kennedy 2010



  1. Surreal and beautiful and true. Thanks for this.

  2. Thank you for all your kind comments, Sandy!

  3. neat dream.

  4. What a dream…until recently I started writing down my dream…although I have not really shared my dreams like this..but you manage to share this so well that it feels readers dreamt it with u…Nice!

  5. A beautifully written imagery ..loved it 🙂

  6. wise and fun poem!

  7. unique dream!

  8. Fascinating. Thanks for the explanation of the poem’s origins. I find dream-based writing to be very evocative.

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