Posted by: youareuseless | June 26, 2010

Oh well

Well, I said I would write one poem a day, and I am going to do it, although I am utterly lacking in inspiration at the moment. I don’t know how the most famous poets wrote when they were three sheets to the wind, by the way: wine just makes me sleepy and not able to concentrate.

It might be time for some haiku.

Red wine, coating my mouth.
What have I done this Friday?
Where is the chocolate?

Four crows on a small tree.
The small one squawks and eats berries.
The others, uneasy.



  1. Sometimes, Megan, writing is the key to life. You wrote. You win. YOU WIN, today. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

    Be well,


  2. That sure does speak to me, that second haiku. I know what it is to be the uneasy as well as the satisfied.

  3. Thank you both for your thoughtful comments.

  4. some people are wired differently I guess. so much productivity that it takes a liquid depressant to think slow enough to get anything down on the page?

    poem a day is a good exercise for getting all the junk out the way and exercising so when a good idea comes your brain will have the muscle tone for dealing with it.

    haiku, unlike what some teachers teach doesn’t need to be 5-7-5 but the briefest of moment. you have all the elements in your second one but there is enough material to make it a tanka with that cut between two scenes and remarked on emotional content.

    four crows perch
    on a small tree —
    the smallest one squawks
    and eats berries.
    the others glance, uneasy.

  5. Hi Pearl! Thanks for all your comments! I was actually going for an English haiku, which is 6-8-6.

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