Posted by: youareuseless | June 24, 2010

We Know

This is for 3WordWednesday, found here:

Three words: feign, imply, virtue.

We know that quick dart in the dark
is a fish, driven by fear, or desire. I know
that my hands are cold and clean, and yours
are white and clenched, feigning

Salty as the night air, I stretch
out on these rusty boards, mocking
your virtue. You sit ten feet away, not implying that,
or that, or that.

Copyright Megan Kennedy 2010



  1. Terrific depth in this short piece – it’s a wonderful character study.

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately I have trouble writing longer pieces. Lack of discipline probably.

  3. This is so enjoyable,

  4. It is short, it is deep, but I think you’ve done such a great job here. Longer pieces? Pish. Do what feels right. This feels right.

  5. Thanks Thom. You’re probably right.

  6. love the vividness of the scene and your cadence. nice density.

    great opening. like the sense of we know as sure then unpacking as different possibilities. love the last pair of lines as well and how it cycles back to echo the fish.

  7. Thanks, I never noticed how it cycles back! Funny.

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